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bulletSSC1 Bangkok
bulletSSC2 BKK-Pattaya
bulletSSC3 BKK-Hua Hin
bulletSSC4 Chiang Mai
bulletSSC5 Chiangmai-Chiangrai
bulletSSC6 BKK-Chiangmai-Mae Hong Son
bulletSSC7 BKK-Middle-Northern
bulletSSC8 BKK-Central-Northern
bulletSSC9 Kanchanaburi (Eco tour)
bulletSSC10 River Kwai 2 D 1 N
bulletSSC11 Angkor Wat 3 D 2 N
bulletSSC12 BKK-North-South
bulletBeijing Package with Ski
bulletKorea Package 5 Days in Ski Resort
bulletHonoi Halong 4 Days 3 Nights 9,999 baht
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bullet3 Days Cambodia full board 14,000 baht.

Dinner Cruise in Chaopraya River only 1,000 Baht
Cabaret Show only 1,000 Baht
The Best Show in Bangkok only 1,300 Baht


Special Offer valid in Septem,ber 2007

Maximum 3 people.


800 baht nett for "Private airport transfer to hotel in Bangkok"

3,400 baht for nett "Private aiport transfer to hotel in Hua Hin"


Flying is the most convenient mode of transportation for most visitors traveling to Thailand. Domestic flights are also easy and convenient, cutting down on journey time.

A number of domestic carriers service a majority of large provincial cities dotting generously across the country. Travel to neighboring countries is cheaper when booked within Thailand. Train services connect Bangkok to all regions of the country at reasonable prices. A regular rail service also runs between Bangkok and Singapore via Malaysia. Long distance coaches, both air-conditioned and open-aired, connect all major cities.

At the local level, diverse forms of transportation are provided: provincial buses, city buses, songthaews, tuk-tuks, rickshaws, boats, and even rental cars.


International Travel


Air : With Bangkok serving as the international travel hub of SE Asia, the capital serves as the landing port for numerous international airlines, most with direct flights from their destinations. Some chartered and regional flights may land at one of the other international airports within Thailand, consisting of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Hat Yai, Phuket, and Ubon Ratchatani. The country's national airline is Thai Airways. Airport departure taxes for international departures costs 500 baht/person. The check-in counters open 2 hours and close half an hour prior departure time.
International flights information
(662) 535-1254 (departures)
(662) 535-1301 (arrivals)

Those traveling from neighboring countries may enter Thailand via road, rail, ships, or ferries.


Domestic Travel
Domestic travel during public holidays and on weekends, particularly to popular destinations, should be booked well in advance for all modes of transportation. Booking is particularly difficult during the Songkran Holiday and New Year's Holiday.

Air : Local carriers Thai Airways(TG) and Bangkok Airways (PG) fly to most major provincial airports beyond 250 km distance from Bangkok. Thai Airways' 2 most popular routes are Chiang Mai and Phuket. Services to Koh Samui and Sukhothai are only provided by Bangkok Airways. Other smaller local carriers include Angel Air (mainly servicing Phuket) and PB Air which flies to fewer destinations. Air Andaman services is limited to the Southern cities only.

The domestic terminal is located at the southern end of the Bangkok International Airport. Normally, check-ins for domestic flight is one hour prior to departure time and closes half an hour before flight time. Departure tax has already been added to your ticket fare.

Domestic flights Information
(662) 535-1192 (departures)
(662) 535-1253 (arrivals)


Reservation / Ticket



Angel Air

(662) 937-8908

Bangkok Airways

(662) 265-5555

PB Air

(662) 261-0220-5

Thai Airways

(662) 628-2000

Tickets can be purchased through travel agencies (cheaper for international flights, same for domestic flights) or by booking with the airlines themselves, either via phone, internet, or e-ticketing kiosks (Thai Airways only).


Buses : Inter-city bus services offer a fast means of transport to all corners of the country. Air-conditioned buses service many provincial areas and bookings for both regular and tour coaches (private companies) can be made through major hotels and travel agents, or at the following bus terminals:


Northern Bus Terminal : Kampaengphet 2 Rd, Bangkok Tel: 0-2936-2852-66 ext. 614

Eastern Bus Terminal : Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok. Tel: 0-2391-6846, 0-2391-2504
Northeastern Bus Terminal : Kampaengphet 2 Rd, Bangkok
Tel: 0-2936-2852-66 ext.605

Southern Bus Terminal : Boromratchchonnani Rd, Bangkok Tel: 0-2435-1200, 0-2435-1199
Central Bus Terminal : Kampaengphet 2 Rd, Bangkok
Tel: 0-2936-2841-8 ext.311


The government bus company, called Bor Kor Sor (BKS), provides the cheapest mode for getting around Thailand. Being frequent and reliable, no advance booking is necessary. Both air-conditioned ones and open-aired ones stop almost everywhere along their route, with the latter being the cheapest and slowest.


Trains : The State Railway of Thailand runs an efficient rail service linking Bangkok (Hua Lam Phong is the central train station) to the rest of the country at very reasonable prices for express, fast and ordinary trains. Limited western and southern routes out of Bangkok also operate from the Thon Buri Station, traveling to destinations as far as Kanchanaburi province in the west and Chumporn province in southern Thailand.


On express trains, sleepers are available in three classes: first and second class (air-conditioned), and second class (non air-conditioned, but with fans).

Advance tickets are available at all principal stations or the Bangkok Railway Advance Booking Office at Tel : 0-2220-4444






                การบินไทย                                                                โทร. 0-2535-1111

                                สำรองที่นั่ง                                 โทร. 0-2628-2000

                                เช็คตารางเวลาการบินภายในประเทศ            โทร. 0-2535-2081      


                                - ผู้โดยสารขาออก                                       โทร. 0-2535-1254

                                - ผู้โดยสารขาเข้า                                        โทร. 0-2535-1301, 0-2535-1310

                สายการบินแอร์อันดามัน                                              โทร. 0-2229-9555, 0-2229-9500

                สายการบินบางกอกแอร์เวย์                                          โทร. 0-229-3456-63

                สายการบินพีบีแอร์                                                      โทร. 0-2261-0220-5, 0-2535-4843-4



                สถานีรถไฟกรุงเทพฯ (หัวลำโพง)                 โทร. 0-2223-3777

                สถานีรถไฟสามเสน                                    โทร. 0-2241-4238

                สถานีรถไฟบางซื่อ 1                                   โทร. 0-2587-4613

                สถานีรถไฟบางซื่อ 2                                   โทร. 0-2586-0240

                สถานีรถไฟบางเขน                                     โทร. 0-2589-1602

                สถานีรถไฟหลักสี่                                                       โทร. 0-2573-1394

                สถานีรถไฟดอนเมือง                                  โทร.0-2566-2957

                สถานีรถไฟบางซ่อน                                   โทร. 0-2587-4605

                สถานีรถไฟมักกะสัน                                   โทร. 0-2245-3920

                สถานีรถไฟคลองตัน                                    โทร. 0-2314-0028

                สถานีรถไฟหัวหมาก                                   โทร. 0-2374-2260

                สถานีรถไฟหัวตะเข้                                    โทร. 0-2326-7185

                สถานีรถไฟแม่น้ำ                                                       โทร. 0-2249-1100

                สถานีรถไฟวงเวียนใหญ่                                              โทร. 0-2465-2017

                สถานีรถไฟธนบุรี                                                       โทร. 0-2411-3102

                สถานีรถไฟตลิ่งชัน                                                      โทร. 0-2448-6577




                สายตะวันออก (เอกมัย)                                               โทร. 0-2391-8097

                สายตะวันออกเฉียงเหนือ (หมอชิต)                               โทร. 0-2936-2582-66 ต่อ 611

                สายใต้ (ปิ่นเกล้า-นครชัยศรี)                                        โทร. 0-2434-5588, 0-2435-1200

                สายเหนือ                                                                  โทร. 0-2936-3659-60



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